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I had a good request recently.

Bamboo Knitting Needle Sets of 5, sizes 0 -4

Bamboo Knitting Needle Sets of 5, sizes 0 -4

A few of my customers where just interested in a certain size range of the double pointed bamboo knitting needles. They only needed sizes 5 through 9 for example.

These knitting needles are fabulously smooth, lightweight and a joy to work with. The more you use them the better they become! Each set of 5 needles is clearly identified with metric and US size so there’s no confusion.

So I put together 5 packs of needles in groups of 5 sizes.

0 through 4
5 through 9
10 through 15
See at
They saved money off the single pair prices. For example… The price for one set (5) of double pointed bamboo needles (size 4) is $5.50 plus $1.50. And that is a good price.

Now the mini-set of 5 sizes 0 through 4 is only $21.00 Plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

It is like getting one set free.

Even the circular needles are at least 20% cheaper than the individual needle price, and it was great to begin with!

This gives customers the savings they would get from buying quantity without buying a complete range size set.

I’ll be getting the pictures taken of the short straight and circular needles soon. These needles have similar savings on their sets as well.


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I was able to offer more lampwork beads on my etsy site. I hope you like them. You’ll find some unique and beautiful designs as you can see from this sampling.

Amphora Lampwork bead at

Amphora Lampwork bead at

Amphora Lampwork bead at

Amphora Lampwork bead at

What are lampwork beads?

Lampwork is an old term used to describe beads made by melting glass with a flame and wrapping it around a metal rod. In the early days, people used to blow air through an oil lamp to create the necessary heat to melt the glass.

The old fasioned way.

Today, artists use torches.

One of the important things to consider when purchasing lampwork beads is the method used to cool the beads. Many imported beads from India and China and a few other places use fiber blanket, sand, vermiculite or nothing at all to cool the beads. This cools the beads too fast and does not relieve the stress in the glass and they are more fragile.

Beads cooled with at true Annealing process in a kiln, however, are more stable and less breakable.

Artist made lampwork is usually of the highest quality versus commercial grade – it’s much less breakable, and beads are often very unique and made with more precision and care. They cost more, of course, but the quality is better and they are more stable.

Take a look at some of these videos to get a better idea of how these beautiful lampwork beads are crafted.

First come first served for these beauties.

Not just a Pot Holder but a cross-stitch splash of color and folksy charm for your kitchen from one of Suzy’s Zoo adorable characters.

Pot Holder Available at

Pot Holder Available at

Each is a unique hand quilted and cross-stitched design using 100% cotton fabric and batting. They are a generous 6 1/4 x 6 1/4″ each. Very easy to clean: Wash in the washing machine and hang or dry flat.

Pot Holder Available at

Pot Holder Available at

Also a great gift idea for the cook with a special occasion coming up. Browse some of my other creations for a set.

Grab it while it’s hot. 🙂

I’ve put a few more lampwork bead up at my etsy site.

These are beautiful creations with vibrant colors that will add pizazz to any project you design.

Lampwork bead added to

Lampwork bead added to

A little teaser today. I just finished these cute little booties for a baby shower gift.

handmade baby shower gift

handmade baby shower gift

I’m going to put up my knitting pattern for these at my etsy site in the next couple days.  It’s an easy mostly garter stitch pattern that knits up super fast.  Look for them soon.

7 Yaks Design on Etsy


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