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Thanks to a request from an Etsy customer,
I have developed a design for Nordic Mitten Blockers.

Norwegian mitten blocker with holes
The mitten blockers are available at 7 Yaks Design.


These Nordic Mitten Blockers are made out of
1/8″ (4mm) acrylic cut-offs from a local plastic manufacturing company.

Also included in the separate blockers for the thumbs are WPI gauges…
I knew you’d like that!

© 2014 7 Yaks Design

Nordic Mitt7

Nordic Mitten Blocker: 3.75″ x 10.75″
Thumb Blocker: 2 3/8″ x 1″


Garn Studio is bursting with free patterns for
Nordic mittens and wrist warmers!

Ravelry is heaven for fiberistas!
You can chat on Ravelry too, share ideas, tips and techniques.
It’s easy to lose as much time on Ravelry as Pinterest.

pig mitt
Ravelry puts the FUN in funky.

death mitt





I had a request for gauntlet blockers too,
which will also work great for blocking wrist warmers!
Included are thumb blockers so they are truly a versatile design.

Gauntlet Blocker:
3.5″ x 15″
(8.89 cm x 38.1 cm)

Thumb Blocker:
2 3/8″ x 1″
(5.08 cm x 2.54 cm)

wrist warmers                                   Quick knit in garter stick for this set!



Knit sleeves are the perfect accessory, especially under a jacket, for added warmth!


Stash of handspun yarn, no problem!

Left-over yarn from projects, bring it on! 

This pattern will take it all.






















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Well who would have thought a small thing like my design for a fiber group¬†project, assigned the theme of ‘Wintery Mix’, would someday find its way into Vogue Knitting!

I am excited beyond words to be a part of a magazine that I have loved for years.

I was transformed into a little girl at the grocery store when I saw the magazine on the news stand.

Much like Charlie in Willy Wonka when he revealed the gold certificate, I felt a special glow inside when I turned the pages, and saw my red snowflake gauge for the first time!

It would be hard for Christmas morning to top the childlike wonder that I felt.

Special thanks to Faith Hale, Products Editor of Vogue Knitting, for contacting me!

If you like my designs, I would be thrilled to have you as a fan on Facebook.  Please join me at 7 Yaks Design Fan Page .

My friend¬†Linda came over on Sunday and helped me get acquainted with my new spinning wheel. ¬†With her much needed assistance I managed to make my first skein of yarn! ¬†It’s a nice blend of merino batts and roving from my fellow¬†Phat Fiber artists along with some fabulous wool locks that Linda dyed and shared with me.



Think I might try the wham bam cowl for this.


Thanks to the following fiber artists who were included in my skein of yarn with the generous donation of their samples to the

Phat Fiber Sample Box:

Altered Visions

Infinity Yarn and Fiber

Maude & Me

Moonwood Farm

Serendipity Fiber Arts

Sweet Pea Fibers

Wooly Hands

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Have you ever shrunk your favorite socks? Did your special comfy hand knit socks get thrown into the dryer by mistake?

Save the day with some sock blockers! Just wet the socks, put them on the sock blocker and Alakazam! Good as new.

I just put up single sock blockers on my etsy site. They have a built in needle gauge and are made of acrylic so they won’t warp or splinter.

And here is a quick article on sock knitting tips. This is from Sock Knitting Tips by Peggy Adamik


“Socks are really easy to make. Socks are really hard. Socks are fun. Socks are a pain. Socks are great. Socks are too much trouble. If you’re a knitter who tends to agree more with the second statement than the first, but you’d still like to try making your own socks, here are a few tips to make the process easier.”

The Long Tail Cast on is a fast way to make a beautiful edge and it is a better edge than most of the other methods. Fast and Good and Easy, now that is a skill worth mastering!

It may look a little hard at first, but it is really easy once you have followed along with the video a few times.

I’ve included one video to show the long tail cast on and another video showing the “stretchy” cast on.

These are often used with circular needles and socks (among lots of other uses) so I’ve made a special offer on my etsy site, http://www.sevenyaks.etsy for circular bamboo knitting needles. And you can check out my custom sock blocker with needle gauge. See below for details.

Here is the long tail cast on.

Here is a video from Jimmy Beans Wool showing the “Stretchy Cast On” which is good for socks, cuffs and collars and anywhere you want a little elasticity.

Sometimes the Stretchy Cast On is called the Old Norwegian Cast On or the German Cast On.

Here is what I have.

40″ Circular Bamboo Needle Set. Package includes one pair each of sizes 5,6,7,8, and 9.
Only $25 plus $3.50 shipping (US)

Circular bamboo knitting needles

Circular bamboo knitting needles

40″ Circular Bamboo Needle Set. Package includes one pair each of sizes 10,10.5,11,13 and 15.
Only $32 plus $3.50 shipping (US)

Circular bamboo knitting needles

Circular bamboo knitting needles

The satiny finish on these natural bamboo circular knitting needles will hold your stitches securely without ever being sticky. They are lightweight, smooth and quiet. Not slippery and noisy like some plastic or aluminum knitting needles. Great for the beginner or the veteran.

It is like getting one size free with these low prices.

We also have straight bamboo needles sets and single pairs of straight, circular and double pointed knitting needles at very good prices.

My custom designed sock block with needle gauge is a popular item with sock knitters. Take a look.

Sock Block from 7 Yaks Design

Sock Block from 7 Yaks Design

If you like circular bamboo needles or just have been waiting for a good excuse to get some, just visit and grab this great deal while quantities last.

I am so excited to announce I have some Louise Little glass beads available at my online store. These are beautiful designs inspired by the Southwest.

I have a small selection and they won’t last long. Stop by the shop to see more of her wonderful work.

Check out these sock blockers I made.

I had a chance to use a really cool laser cutter at school and this is what I made.

I wanted to make a sock blocker that would not absorb moisture so I used acrylic material. (The acrylic is also recycled from a local plastic supplier from their smaller stock bin.)

And I thought it would be cool to include a needle gauge while I was at it. Let me know what you think.

I naturally put up a pair at my etsy site. if you wanted your own.


Update: July 10

I now have small, medium, and large sizes available at These are great for any of your sock patterns. Sock knitting just got easier.

Update: Aug 13

I now have single sock blockers available and quantity discounts available. Check them out here.

© 2008 7 Yaks Design

7 Yaks Design on Etsy


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