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Get festive this Halloween – add a fun and stylish skull to a scarf.
If you’re like me, skulls are fun to wear any time!

halloween skull

Scarf blanks are 6 inches x 6 feet long in super soft polyester.

scarf blank

If you haven’t needle felted on fleece yet, Craft E Magee has a great tutorial to get you started!

skull tutorial

If you want to play around with a simple design, needle felting some yarn or roving is always a great start.

scarf yarn

Here’s a free PDF stencil to print and cut with an X-Acto knife to create your own scarf!


Skull PDF

Skull PDF

7 Yaks Design is giving away a sock yarn sampler
along with 2 full skeins of yarn and a scarf pattern to use it all!

Valentine Give-Away-001


How to enter:

Just LIKE 7 Yaks Design on Facebook and then SHARE the contest with your friends.  Four people will be randomly chosen on February 14th to receive one of the 4 sock yarn samplers with scarf pattern.  EZ PZ!

This scarf pattern is perfect for using up left over bits of yarn from your shawl and sock knitting.


The Be Mine Valentine Samplers:


Let me tell you why I love Ravelry so – This morning I was looking at one of my favorite groups ‘Cowls’ because I am addicted to seeing what’s being done in project do-able time, since I currently have no time!  It’s like looking through Saks 5th Avenue, what would I buy if only I could, or for me, what would I knit if only I had the time…

And so one project led to another, which led to a link to a free pattern, which brought me to Robin Dodge’s website and finally to her new blog MetaPostModernKnitting.  In her MetaTrends she has outlined the fashion forecast for Spring 2009 complete with colors, textures and complementary clothing and accessories.  I immediately gravitated to a silk scarf that has been knit on big needles (read super fast knit-ability).


silk scarf


I  have several silk blouses that have some sort of acquired defect so they can’t be worn anymore but the quality of the silk was too nice to throw them out.  So they have been waiting patiently for a project to call them to life once again.  It was definitely an artist’s ah-hah moment when I saw this scarf!  After the Great Lakes Fiber Festival, I will be home, scissors in hand, making yarn out of my blouses, maybe dyeing some too to add visual interest, and then knitting happily once again. 




New yarn for this fall season (from a well known yarn company) turns out to be the very same idea that I have!  Synchronicity strikes again! 

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