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With back to school on the horizon, it’s time to stock up on your fall and Holiday knitting & spinning stash at 7 Yaks Design !

Back to School Sale

It’s time to add some socks to the Tevas and Birkenstocks!  The customary transition into full blown winter ;-)…

To help out with that I put together some yummy superwash merino sock yarn with my sock blockers.  Now that’s a great combo (great deal too.)

Each kit comes with 2 skeins of yarn for a total of 386 yards.

Also included is a needle gauge just for sock knitters and it’s the perfect size for your notions bag.  Sweet!

Put some heat on your feet.

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Ceramics class last year

I’ve had an idea for a knitting needle holder on the burner for awhile now.  It was one of those HOLY CRAP it’s so easy it’s stupid moments…and why hasn’t anyone else done it?!?  Well, no one else has done it because it turns out, it’s more involved than it first appears.

I have been consulting with some plastic engineers with more automated technology know-how than I have at the moment.  We’ve been going a couple rounds of this, that and another thing but in a few more weeks I will have that design wrapped up, along with more of an understanding of what’s possible – and you know what that means – creativity gone wild once I comprehend how I can further manipulate materials!

But in the meantime, I came up with this design!  It all started with the bases.  A non descript small pile of left-overs, with the protective paper still in place, at the local plastic manufacturing company where I up-cycle their scrap – Go Green 🙂

Acrylic base from the plastic company

I had no idea what to do with them a year ago when I made the purchase but it was just begging to be taken home.  Oh yeah, and crammed into my 2 car, completely un-usable garage, with the rest of the refugees.  Did I mention there are a few out there that I can’t find?  Ha, so it goes for the life of the artist!  For now, I will have 4 of these for sale in my Etsy shop, watch for more when they surface.

It’s a known fact that in the summer the best ideas occur on the patio with a little libation…

The deliberations began about the design concept:  How many needle sizes? How far apart?  What about a space in the middle for smaller needles and stuff?

And did I mention my secret addiction to CAD programs and perfection? – such a geek!  I don’t think I was a perfectionist at the start.  I believe it was an acquired neurosis born out of my metals major at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Having survived my thesis show, and the trial by fire that the experience was, taught me just how far I can push myself – and this girl can haul ass!  I think now I am some bizarre incarnation of Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) and pack rat artist.

There is an acrylic available that glows like neon when light is refracted through it.  It’s the perfect material for showing off patterns and I have developed 3 different designs for the needle holder.

I couldn’t find a good place to add the 7 Yaks name to my design, so now there’s a nice surprise on the very bottom of the base.  I’ve made a similar design available at Cafe Press with my new line of most awesome t-shirts!

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I want to thank Phat Fiber for highlighting my etsy shop and some of my original accessories for knitter and felters, as well as patterns and kits, plus some nice lampwork beads.

Phat Fiber is a nifty site for people interested in handmade items.

From their site…
Phat Fiber is a mystery box of awesome samples for the yarn and fiber enthusiast in us all. With a focus on the independant artisan, this box is a super grass-roots treat for the senses.

When your box arrives, chock full of samples, expect to be overwhelmed with the sight and feel of artful yarns, bits of roving, small batts, stitch markers, original patterns, valuable discount coupons and much much more.

Inside, you could find anything that yarn and fiber enthusiasts would love…even an herbal tea or two!

Phat Fiber seeks to bridge the gap between talented online artisans and consumers hungry to support the independent small business.”

If you get a chance, stop by their site… (My stuff is on their blog for Dec. 14, 2008.)

Part of their nice comments…
“Take a look at Lynne’s shop! She really has everything there! I am personally eyeing the sock blocks! No splinters or mildew from being wet like wood sometimes does! I think she even has some “blond moment” ones on clearance *grin* She has a fancy laser that she uses to cut out and engrave original designs! So, for all of you small business owners out there, get a hold of Seven Yaks and have them do some promotional gauges for you! She does wholesale her products- what a great opportunity!”

How nice. 🙂

I’ve also included a link on the left for easy access in the future.

If you knit, you know what it is like…

Finally, you have some time to start that new pattern you’ve been  dying to start.

You’re all settled in, comfy and cozy, a glass of a relaxing beverage at you side. You do one quick mental run through of the Check List..

“Let’s see, do I have everything?
Pattern? Check.
That great new yarn? Check.
The right size needles? Check.”

Time to relax and start knitting. Things are going great, (hardly any mistakes) this is going to look soooo good.


You need to check your stitch count. You think to yourself, “Where did I have my tape measure last?”

You put everything down… get up… go look for your tape measure. It’s probably in the UFO bag. (Unfinished Objects bag)

Now you can settle back down and get back in the zone. (At least it was a good excuse to refill the beverage while you were up. )

Things are going great again. Of course, now you need to keep track of the rows…

You got it.. You have to find the row counter… and on and on.


Do you have to root around in a junk drawer to find your row counter.  Are you trying to remember where you put your stitch holder the last time you used it?

Did you ever start a new knitting pattern and remember you left your favorite knitting scissors with the WIP’s in the trunk of the car?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your knitting accessories neatly stored in one little bag?   (Actually, the knitting veterans have a couple kits, one for the “Project of the Moment” and another, or two, with the WIP”S.

The solution is to have a knitting accessories kit.  Collect the tools you need to knit in one convenient little bag.

Keeping your knitting tools handy.

Keeping your knitting tools handy.

Here is the basic kit.

A bag to put it all in.
Something that will close and keep everything in. Stay away from the velcro type as velcro is the enemy of yarn and fine fabric.

2 sets of point protectors (1 small set and 1 large set)

Row counters (1 small, 1 large)

Stitch holders (1 small, 1 medium)

20 locking stitch markers (10 each of 2 different colors)

Tape measure


Needle gauge.

A nice bag to store everything

A nice bag to store everything

Customize it as you go along with the little things you like to have when you are working on a project.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to go to all the trouble of searching for and finding each little item…. you can find a good basic knitting accessory kit at

Check out these sock blockers I made.

I had a chance to use a really cool laser cutter at school and this is what I made.

I wanted to make a sock blocker that would not absorb moisture so I used acrylic material. (The acrylic is also recycled from a local plastic supplier from their smaller stock bin.)

And I thought it would be cool to include a needle gauge while I was at it. Let me know what you think.

I naturally put up a pair at my etsy site. if you wanted your own.


Update: July 10

I now have small, medium, and large sizes available at These are great for any of your sock patterns. Sock knitting just got easier.

Update: Aug 13

I now have single sock blockers available and quantity discounts available. Check them out here.

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