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This iswhat I need… a knitting robot. I just need to find some adult child to build me one of these things

For your viewing enjoyment, a knitting machine made out of Lego building blocks. This video comes from ekirjala on YouTube.

If you knit the old fasion way, find yarn, knitting needles, and knitting accessories at my etsy store.

Unique, practical, decorative.

The hottest new needle gauge accessory to easily make sure you are using the right size needle for your knitting projects.

• This acrylic light weight gauge is a spectacular sculpture on its own.

• There is no paint to ever wear off.

• The numbers on the gauge are lasered in.

• It makes a unique and practical Holiday gift for your favorite knitter. (Or to treat yourself!)

Knitting Needle Gauge- Snowflake Design

Knitting Needle Gauge- Snowflake Design

Visit my etsy site for full details and get yours before they run out!

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From Andy Paiko on YouTube. A lady spinning fiber on a fully functional glass spinning wheel.

The wheel is a kinetic sculpture made from hand-blown and hot-sculpted soft glass.

Just fun to watch.

For roving and knitting supplies, visit

Custom select your own 8 color choices of wool roving (1/2 oz. packs) for a total of 4 oz. Bulk rate prices, too.

Mix & Match Your Roving

Mix & Match Your Roving

Spinners and Felters will appreciate being able to choose 8 beautiful colors of roving for their next project. This is a deal when you consider that they get more of a bulk price.

Example of some color choices.

Example of some color choices.

7 Yaks Design carries knitting and jewelry supplies..and more.

The Long Tail Cast on is a fast way to make a beautiful edge and it is a better edge than most of the other methods. Fast and Good and Easy, now that is a skill worth mastering!

It may look a little hard at first, but it is really easy once you have followed along with the video a few times.

I’ve included one video to show the long tail cast on and another video showing the “stretchy” cast on.

These are often used with circular needles and socks (among lots of other uses) so I’ve made a special offer on my etsy site, http://www.sevenyaks.etsy for circular bamboo knitting needles. And you can check out my custom sock blocker with needle gauge. See below for details.

Here is the long tail cast on.

Here is a video from Jimmy Beans Wool showing the “Stretchy Cast On” which is good for socks, cuffs and collars and anywhere you want a little elasticity.

Sometimes the Stretchy Cast On is called the Old Norwegian Cast On or the German Cast On.

Here is what I have.

40″ Circular Bamboo Needle Set. Package includes one pair each of sizes 5,6,7,8, and 9.
Only $25 plus $3.50 shipping (US)

Circular bamboo knitting needles

Circular bamboo knitting needles

40″ Circular Bamboo Needle Set. Package includes one pair each of sizes 10,10.5,11,13 and 15.
Only $32 plus $3.50 shipping (US)

Circular bamboo knitting needles

Circular bamboo knitting needles

The satiny finish on these natural bamboo circular knitting needles will hold your stitches securely without ever being sticky. They are lightweight, smooth and quiet. Not slippery and noisy like some plastic or aluminum knitting needles. Great for the beginner or the veteran.

It is like getting one size free with these low prices.

We also have straight bamboo needles sets and single pairs of straight, circular and double pointed knitting needles at very good prices.

My custom designed sock block with needle gauge is a popular item with sock knitters. Take a look.

Sock Block from 7 Yaks Design

Sock Block from 7 Yaks Design

If you like circular bamboo needles or just have been waiting for a good excuse to get some, just visit and grab this great deal while quantities last.

If you knit, you know what it is like…

Finally, you have some time to start that new pattern you’ve been  dying to start.

You’re all settled in, comfy and cozy, a glass of a relaxing beverage at you side. You do one quick mental run through of the Check List..

“Let’s see, do I have everything?
Pattern? Check.
That great new yarn? Check.
The right size needles? Check.”

Time to relax and start knitting. Things are going great, (hardly any mistakes) this is going to look soooo good.


You need to check your stitch count. You think to yourself, “Where did I have my tape measure last?”

You put everything down… get up… go look for your tape measure. It’s probably in the UFO bag. (Unfinished Objects bag)

Now you can settle back down and get back in the zone. (At least it was a good excuse to refill the beverage while you were up. )

Things are going great again. Of course, now you need to keep track of the rows…

You got it.. You have to find the row counter… and on and on.


Do you have to root around in a junk drawer to find your row counter.  Are you trying to remember where you put your stitch holder the last time you used it?

Did you ever start a new knitting pattern and remember you left your favorite knitting scissors with the WIP’s in the trunk of the car?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your knitting accessories neatly stored in one little bag?   (Actually, the knitting veterans have a couple kits, one for the “Project of the Moment” and another, or two, with the WIP”S.

The solution is to have a knitting accessories kit.  Collect the tools you need to knit in one convenient little bag.

Keeping your knitting tools handy.

Keeping your knitting tools handy.

Here is the basic kit.

A bag to put it all in.
Something that will close and keep everything in. Stay away from the velcro type as velcro is the enemy of yarn and fine fabric.

2 sets of point protectors (1 small set and 1 large set)

Row counters (1 small, 1 large)

Stitch holders (1 small, 1 medium)

20 locking stitch markers (10 each of 2 different colors)

Tape measure


Needle gauge.

A nice bag to store everything

A nice bag to store everything

Customize it as you go along with the little things you like to have when you are working on a project.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to go to all the trouble of searching for and finding each little item…. you can find a good basic knitting accessory kit at

7 Yaks Design on Etsy


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