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Valentine’s Day isn’t about blowing your budget on something outrageous, it’s all about the little things!
Treat yourself to some fiber love.

7 Yaks Valentine Promo
Expires 2-15-2015

You can have a custom knitting or spinning tool with your message on it!

Do you have a fiber store or a fiber club and want a product with your logo or message on it?
7 Yaks Design now has custom fiber tools available at wholesale prices!
knitting needle gauge from 7 Yaks on Etsy

One of the designs for a knitting needle gauge available with your unique message.

A variety of knitting needle gauges and spinning tools made of acrylic are available:

Octagon Shaped Knitting Needle Gauge. In U.S and Metric

Custom Shapes are available.

I can work with you on a variety of tools or design ideas, let’s collaborate.  

Shield design for Lord of the Rings Sock Club

The Knitting Room needle gauge anniversary promotion using the store logo.

Annual knitting needle gauge design

The latest store promotion for the Unique Sheep!

To get more information, email me at Please put “Custom Order” in the subject line.

Back in January of 2009 Grace contacted me through Ravelry and asked if I would consider designing gauntlet and mitten blockers. She had finished knitting Bella’s Mittens (free PDF pattern on the blog) and was having trouble blocking them properly.  So I measured my hand and drew up a preliminary design to cut.

It never ceases to amaze me in the design process, where things that percolate in my brain, don’t seem to reach any logical ‘that’s not right’ conclusion.  And it wasn’t just me, I was bouncing ideas off of a friend, and neither one of us saw it coming…

1st Mitten Blocker kna Dog Sweater Blocker

Once the design was cut we both just laughed, because what came out was about the size of a small dog body.  Mind you I don’t have abnormally large hands, but something disengaged in the brain, as it sometimes does, even with 2 brains working on it.  Waste not, want not – I shall call it the first ever Dog Sweater Blocker!  Apparently there isn’t much of a demand for dog sweater blocking, so if you have a particular penchant to blocking, these are still available.

Design Process Round #2 – Next I decided to measure some of my finished knitted mittens and use those for a template.  This was a much better idea and resulted in an improved product.  I like to add functionality to my designs.  My thought process constantly revolves around form and function, so instead of cutting an arbitrary shape, why not have it be something useful, with added value.

Mitten Blocker - Design Phase 2

This blocker design includes WPI gauges for the thumbs, a metric and US knitting needle gauge as well as a diz for spinning!  These were a great hit among knitters who also spin.   After these were out for a bit, I had a request from a customer who loved them but would like a version to narrow the cuff, because in the blocking process, that part of the mitten was being stretched – Duh!  Another brain failure.  It makes you wonder how the design process of the car went through the years.

Mitten Blocker with Narrow Cuff

Not everyone needs or wants all the extra doo-dads that came with this design, so I streamlined it and made a version of the mitten blockers that just has WPI gauges in the thumbs.

Mitten Blocker Featured in Interweave Knits Magazine

To complete Grace’s request for both mitten blockers and gauntlet blockers, I created a much longer version.  These are wonderful for blocking wrist warmers too.

Gauntlet & Wrist Warmer Blockers

Special thanks to Interweave Knits Magazine for featuring my mitten blocker design in their Summer 2011 issue!

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Ceramics class last year

I’ve had an idea for a knitting needle holder on the burner for awhile now.  It was one of those HOLY CRAP it’s so easy it’s stupid moments…and why hasn’t anyone else done it?!?  Well, no one else has done it because it turns out, it’s more involved than it first appears.

I have been consulting with some plastic engineers with more automated technology know-how than I have at the moment.  We’ve been going a couple rounds of this, that and another thing but in a few more weeks I will have that design wrapped up, along with more of an understanding of what’s possible – and you know what that means – creativity gone wild once I comprehend how I can further manipulate materials!

But in the meantime, I came up with this design!  It all started with the bases.  A non descript small pile of left-overs, with the protective paper still in place, at the local plastic manufacturing company where I up-cycle their scrap – Go Green 🙂

Acrylic base from the plastic company

I had no idea what to do with them a year ago when I made the purchase but it was just begging to be taken home.  Oh yeah, and crammed into my 2 car, completely un-usable garage, with the rest of the refugees.  Did I mention there are a few out there that I can’t find?  Ha, so it goes for the life of the artist!  For now, I will have 4 of these for sale in my Etsy shop, watch for more when they surface.

It’s a known fact that in the summer the best ideas occur on the patio with a little libation…

The deliberations began about the design concept:  How many needle sizes? How far apart?  What about a space in the middle for smaller needles and stuff?

And did I mention my secret addiction to CAD programs and perfection? – such a geek!  I don’t think I was a perfectionist at the start.  I believe it was an acquired neurosis born out of my metals major at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Having survived my thesis show, and the trial by fire that the experience was, taught me just how far I can push myself – and this girl can haul ass!  I think now I am some bizarre incarnation of Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) and pack rat artist.

There is an acrylic available that glows like neon when light is refracted through it.  It’s the perfect material for showing off patterns and I have developed 3 different designs for the needle holder.

I couldn’t find a good place to add the 7 Yaks name to my design, so now there’s a nice surprise on the very bottom of the base.  I’ve made a similar design available at Cafe Press with my new line of most awesome t-shirts!

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Gift Ideas For Knitters on Etsy.

Are you looking for a great gift for the knitter in your life?
Want to give your significant other some hints on what they can give YOU?

Here are a few ideas available at

Stitch Markers

Stictch Marker Available at

Stictch Marker Available at

Bejewel & bedazzle your knitting projects!

Fits up to a size 15 US knitting needle and carefully constructed to not snag your knitting projects.

40 Inch Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles – Size 11, 13, or 15


Other Bamboo Kitting Needles

Snow Flake Needle Gauge


“The hottest new needle gauge accessory to have and I designed and made it myself! This acrylic light weight gauge is a spectacular sculpture on its own. There is no paint to ever wear off. The numbers on the gauge are lasered in. It will make a great Holiday gift to yourself or your favorite knitter.”

Snowflake measures 5 x 5.5 inches
Needle size ranges are from 00 – 17 US


Sock Blockers:


OVER $25


This yarn comes with a knitting pattern designed especially for this skein and size 15 bamboo needles. It’s all set for your next ‘one of a kind’ project. Just start knitting. There is enough yardage for one medium length scarf.

Purples, greens,some yellow & orange for contrast and just enough glitz to make it sizzle!

I blended this yarn with a mix of 30 to 40 separately hand chosen fibers for color & texture. Then coordinated the gauge and color and tied them together end to end. When knit, the yarns change from one to another in varying colors and textures.

Kit Contains:
Yarn – 115 yards in length (approx.) and is a bulky knit yarn combination
Scarf Pattern
Size 15 Bamboo Knitting Needles

Gift Ideas for Felters and Jewelers are also available. Visit

Unique, practical, decorative.

The hottest new needle gauge accessory to easily make sure you are using the right size needle for your knitting projects.

• This acrylic light weight gauge is a spectacular sculpture on its own.

• There is no paint to ever wear off.

• The numbers on the gauge are lasered in.

• It makes a unique and practical Holiday gift for your favorite knitter. (Or to treat yourself!)

Knitting Needle Gauge- Snowflake Design

Knitting Needle Gauge- Snowflake Design

Visit my etsy site for full details and get yours before they run out!

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Am I the last knitter on the planet to see this? It has been on YouTube since Aug. 17,2006! 1.7 million views!

It is a short animated film by Finnish Director Laura Newvonen. The purpose of the film is to show the nifty computer graphic abilities of the film makers. However, the theme is about what happens when knitting becomes an obsession.

I put it up in the blog for the other two people who have not seen this. It gets a little slowish towards the end, but I totally relate to the ending.

You may notice that she broke one of her knitting needles. If you need good bamboo knitting needles, go to 7 Yaks Design.

Sue Macniven shows a saxony wheel, its various parts and how to adjust a scotch tension.

This one also looks at how to work out the ratios.

Knitting needles, knitting needle gauges, knitting accessories, sock blockers and more at

I had a good request recently.

Bamboo Knitting Needle Sets of 5, sizes 0 -4

Bamboo Knitting Needle Sets of 5, sizes 0 -4

A few of my customers where just interested in a certain size range of the double pointed bamboo knitting needles. They only needed sizes 5 through 9 for example.

These knitting needles are fabulously smooth, lightweight and a joy to work with. The more you use them the better they become! Each set of 5 needles is clearly identified with metric and US size so there’s no confusion.

So I put together 5 packs of needles in groups of 5 sizes.

0 through 4
5 through 9
10 through 15
See at
They saved money off the single pair prices. For example… The price for one set (5) of double pointed bamboo needles (size 4) is $5.50 plus $1.50. And that is a good price.

Now the mini-set of 5 sizes 0 through 4 is only $21.00 Plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

It is like getting one set free.

Even the circular needles are at least 20% cheaper than the individual needle price, and it was great to begin with!

This gives customers the savings they would get from buying quantity without buying a complete range size set.

I’ll be getting the pictures taken of the short straight and circular needles soon. These needles have similar savings on their sets as well.


If you Twitter and would like to keep up on the latest sales at my etsy store

Follow me at (I’m going to put some surprises up there just for the Twitter folk.)

I  have added double pointed bamboo knitting needles in 5,8, or 9 inches. I did some research and I was shocked to see what the big boys are charging.

These are quality bamboo knitting needles and I don’t have the overhead the big boys do. Why pay more for the same quality??

These knitting needles are fabulously smooth, lightweight and a joy to work with. The more you use them the better they become! Each set of 5 needles is clearly identified with metric and US size so there’s no confusion.

Check out the selection here. There’s no additional shipping charge if you add to a yarn or book purchase. Convo me for shipping rates for multiple knitting accessory purchases and I’ll be happy to let you know the amount.

7 Yaks Design on Etsy


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