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7 Yaks Design scored a great deal on raw Alpaca fleece and we are passing the savings on to our loyal customers! (More about that in a second.)

A sale of raw fleece at 7 Yaks Design?

Did you know that Alpaca does not have lanolin making it wonderfully hypoallergenic so that people who are affected by wool will not have a reaction?  The hair shafts are hollow which makes them excellent insulators.  It will keep you warmer than wool in the winter but breathes nicely too.  This soft fleece is great to wear next to the skin!

Raw fleece still needs to be processed to rid it of dust and little pieces of vegetable matter.

Here is a quick tutorial for cleaning the fleece. (Only a minute long.)

And here is a short video showing how to card Alpaca once you have washed it.

Now all you need is the fleece.

From me to you… Enjoy!

We have three Alpaca Fleece colors available.  (Click on the pictures to link to the Etsy offering.)

Light Fawn Color:

Light fawn color Alpaca.

Medium Fawn Color:

Medium Fawn Color Alpaca

Light Brown Alpaca:

Light Brown Alpaca Fleece

We were able to get a good deal on this fleece and we are passing the savings on to you.  Get yours now while they last.

We love Alpaca Fleece.  You will too!

How do you make huge sheets of felt for wall coverings?

Where there is a will there is a way. Making felt in the field the old mongolian way. (Hey, they should know.)

Roll up the wool into a big tube, hook up your horse and roll it around the field for awhile.

Of course you need to shoo away the grasshoppers and keep the dogs out of it.

Added bonus: snappy music.

For your viewing pleasure, from gawara on YouTube.

I can’t get you enough wool to drag around the back yard, but you can find some nice colors of roving at….7Yaks Design.

For your viewing pleasure…

A cute collection of Needle Felted Characters I found on YouTube.

These are from “feltalive” and her comments are…

“I can’t seem to part with any of my needle felted characters! They seem happy in their home on my shelves alongside my books and knicky knacks. They make me smile so I decided to share them. The music is Since I Met You Baby by Ivory Joe Hunter
I am teaching online! For more info:…
Etsy shop”

I’ve not looked at their sites yet, but will do a review soon. I just liked the music and the characters.

Hope you enjoy.

BTW… If you are looking for a good selection of wool roving for felting, take a look at what is available on etsy.

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