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If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, your News Feed can be an array of status updates, links and photos. 

So you’re a 7 Yaks Design fan, but Facebook won’t let you stay up to the minute on all that’s happening?

I feel your pain, instead of letting Facebook determine which friends and pages you’d most like to see first, now you can choose the pages and friends to stay at the top of your News Feed.


Facebook announced that the News Feed has been updated to show you content that matters to you the most by allowing users to prioritize which friends and pages are featured in their News Feed.

Here’s how to get what you want to see on Facebook:

Step 1: From the Facebook app on your smart phone, tap the More button located in the corner (it looks like 3 lines). Then, scroll to the bottom of the resulting menu and select News Feed Preferences near the bottom of the list.

From your desktop Facebook, go to your settings menu and then choose News Feed Preferences.  If you’re on the 7 Yaks Design Facebook Page, it’s even easier.  There’s a drop down menu if you mouse over the ‘Liked’ button.  Then choose ‘See First’!

Step 2: On your smart phone, tap Prioritize who to see first at the top of the resulting page and choose whose posts you don’t want to miss, whether pages or friends. Tap Done in the upper-left corner when finished to implement the changes.

It’s even easier on the desktop, just click on the photo of the page or person!


A customer asked if she could get a picture of some of my roving when it is unpackaged.

She was a new customer and wanted an idea of how much roving is contained in a 1/2 oz package.
This is what the picture on my etsy site looks like.




This is what it looks like when you get it out of the package.



Anyone can see the difference.

This customer went on to buy a good amount of my roving once she was better able to see what see was getting.

This on-line business is amazing. I was able to: receive the customer’s question, take pictures, send pictures to her, receive her order, get payment, and pack up the order for shipment all in a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon and it shipped out of the country to boot!

It is also very cool to get orders and make new friend from all over the world.

This sure beats having my old “brick and mortar” store.

I am in the process of updating the listings on all of my roving, but so far sales are up and things are looking good.


BTW…You can learn more about me, my life and art, and upcoming sales, etc. by following me on Twitter and adding me as a friend on Facebook(Lynne Morgan, the one with the 7 Yaks logo).  I look forward to meeting you.

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