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I had a good request recently.

Bamboo Knitting Needle Sets of 5, sizes 0 -4

Bamboo Knitting Needle Sets of 5, sizes 0 -4

A few of my customers where just interested in a certain size range of the double pointed bamboo knitting needles. They only needed sizes 5 through 9 for example.

These knitting needles are fabulously smooth, lightweight and a joy to work with. The more you use them the better they become! Each set of 5 needles is clearly identified with metric and US size so there’s no confusion.

So I put together 5 packs of needles in groups of 5 sizes.

0 through 4
5 through 9
10 through 15
See at
They saved money off the single pair prices. For example… The price for one set (5) of double pointed bamboo needles (size 4) is $5.50 plus $1.50. And that is a good price.

Now the mini-set of 5 sizes 0 through 4 is only $21.00 Plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

It is like getting one set free.

Even the circular needles are at least 20% cheaper than the individual needle price, and it was great to begin with!

This gives customers the savings they would get from buying quantity without buying a complete range size set.

I’ll be getting the pictures taken of the short straight and circular needles soon. These needles have similar savings on their sets as well.


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