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The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing was developed over 35 years ago.  It is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness, scientifically validated and practiced all over the world.  It restores the health of adults and children – when other means fail.  Since 1993 Zdenko Domancic (Doe-MAAN-cheech) has been teaching his method at the Bioenergy Healing Clinic in Slovenia – the largest clinic of this type in Europe.

Bio-Energy healing is an effective, holistic technique for the treatment of physical illness, emotional blocks, mental obstacles and spiritual issues.  It is based on the understanding that each of us is a complex, interactive energy system.  If you could see yourself under a powerful electron microscope, you would see that you are made up of a cluster of ever-changing energy in the form of electrons, neutrons, photons and so on.


When you are healthy, life energy – or chi, flows freely through your energy field, providing a sense of self-assurance, groundedness and a feeling of being in harmony with yourself and the world.

If you have been experiencing a significant amount of stress, persist in holding onto past emotions, or have developed a belief system that is out of alignment with your life’s purpose – the energy within your bio-energetic field will become stagnant or even blocked.  This stagnated energy tends to crystallize around core issues that you have not been ready to face, or simply did not have the specific knowledge or tools to do so.

Although you may remain unconscious of what is going on in your energy field, your enlightened mind is completely aware of what is happening.  To restore the balance, it will seek to make you conscious of the problem –  through the “alarm bells” of illness, depression, addiction, relationship disharmony or some other type of trauma.  You may become confused, lost or even fearful, as you search for a means to help you return back to health.

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I had the pleasure of attending a 4-day group clinic with Michael Ramsey of Gateway Healing, who studied in Slovenia with Zdenko Domancic.  It was a truly wonderful experience!  The other women in the group were all healing professionals including a massotherapist, Reiki healer and other energy work practitioners.  Over the course of the clinic with Michael, I also learned more about Reiki.

It comes as no surprise to me that Dr. Mikao Usui discovered the principles of Reiki.  Usui Sensei was raised as a samurai from childhood, specifically in the martial arts techniques of aiki.


If you’re interested, the 5 principles of Reiki are:

1.  Don’t get angry today.

2.  Don’t be grievous – don’t worry.

3.  Express your thanks.

4.  Be diligent in your business – I will do my work honestly.

5.  Be kind to others.

…. Seems like a good starting point for everything in life!





For me, the martial arts and energy work started in upstate New York with an introduction to the possibilities of both from Wayne, an Aikido martial artist.  I learned how to work with my energy, and how to channel my energy across spaces.  I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but we would channel our energies back and forth between each other like a game of tag.

To date my study of martial arts spans 14 years and includes Aikido, Kwanmukan Karate and Hapkido.  When you sink into a martial arts stance, you are attaching your body to the earth.  To hold the ground or to launch the body through space during a throw matters not, there is an attachment of the body to the planet, and from this you build your martial arts power.  At the conclusion of my group clinic with Michael, I felt once again grounded to the earth.  I have continued to work with my energy and feel stronger each and every day, and more importantly, I have a greater sense of peace!

Michael can work with you too!  Please check out Gateway Healing for an in person clinic if you’re in Ohio, and if you’re not, distance healing can take place – to anywhere in the world.

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