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Are you allergic to animal fibers? 

Fear no more, this batt contains none of that!  


Hand dyed nylon fibers with a hint of firestar for sparkle and shine. 

You can spin this by itself to make a vegan yarn, or combine it with your animal fiber batts to add more memory to your yarn. 

Here’s a few suggestions for spinning the vegan batt:

Spin it as a single and then ply it with another animal fiber based yarn,

or blend with an animal fiber batt as you spin. 

Any way you choose to use this fiber, it’s all good!

See all of the colorways at

Angelina Spinning Fiber is terrific for blending with your favorite wool roving for added bling. 
A little Angelina will go a long way!  Angenlina is a great way to jazz up your handspun yarns or batts before you spin and add a little zing!

Angelina Collage


Elasticity can also be added to handspun yarns or batts with nylon fibers such as Snow Mountain or StarbrightFirestar will creates a shimmer in your yarn, similar to the addition of silk.  You will find that adding nylon will create a yarn with more memory, which is especially important when knitting socks!

All 7 Yaks Design fibers are hand dyed with professional dyes that are both lightfast and washfast for long lasting, fade resistant color.


7 Yaks Design is having a 25% OFF stock up sale until July 15th with coupon code TDF2014!

The spinning world is brimming with conversations about Tour de Fleece again this year!  TDF, as the event is often referred to in virtual spinning communities, was first organized in 2006 by Star Athena, a spinner, knitter, and designer based in Portland, Oregon.

The idea is to set a spinning-related challenge for yourself and work toward your goal each day that the Tour de France cyclists ride.  The event has grown each year with over ten thousand spinners taking part.  The Ravelry Tour de Fleece group alone has thousands of members, and hundreds of spinning teams have formed.

TDF 2014

This year, competition begins on Saturday July 5th and will end on Sunday July 27th.  It has been great hearing all the different ways in which spinners are using the event to work on techniques or tackle long-coveted projects.  The official concept is “Challenge Yourself. Spin. Have Fun.”

I hear many spinners say that rather than work on a specific project, they simply challenge themselves to find time each day to sit at their wheels. TDF allows spinners, en masse and in high spirit, to identify what parts of their spinning life they want to improve.  And for some of us, that simply means making time for something that has been lurking on the horizon, just out of reach.

Kaylee is having a crisis and was diagnosed yesterday with 5 bladder stones, complicated by an open pyometria. She needs surgery ASAP with vet bills to run $4000

I am having a flash sale in my Etsy shop with a 50% discount when you use the coupon code 7KAYLEEAID

2/28/2014 Update:  Kaylee has developed an aggressive infection at the suture site and may require an additional surgery to remove the tissue at the margins of the suture.


Hurry, the sale ends March 15, 2014.

Thanks very much for helping out my sick girl!

kaylee aid

You can also submit donations if you like via GoFundMe

Have I told you lately about the

Joys of Drum Carding? 

Spin, add sparkly fiber, spin some more, repeat. 

It’s a long hard job but somebody has to do it!


I have arranged a complex recipe of fibery goodness for you.  Each batt is a unique blend of fibers along with the addition of nylon to ensure that your garments retain their memory.  If you think memory isn’t important, remember how annoying socks are that fall down.


The percentage of nylon is low, so this fiber batt will also felt!  It’s a great all around fiber combination for spinning as well as nuno and wet felting applications!  

Check out the full line of batts, spinning tools and accessories at my

7 Yaks Design Etsy shop.

7 Yaks Design on Etsy


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