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Well who would have thought a small thing like my design for a fiber group project, assigned the theme of ‘Wintery Mix’, would someday find its way into Vogue Knitting!

I am excited beyond words to be a part of a magazine that I have loved for years.

I was transformed into a little girl at the grocery store when I saw the magazine on the news stand.

Much like Charlie in Willy Wonka when he revealed the gold certificate, I felt a special glow inside when I turned the pages, and saw my red snowflake gauge for the first time!

It would be hard for Christmas morning to top the childlike wonder that I felt.

Special thanks to Faith Hale, Products Editor of Vogue Knitting, for contacting me!

If you like my designs, I would be thrilled to have you as a fan on Facebook.  Please join me at 7 Yaks Design Fan Page .

I want to thank Phat Fiber for highlighting my etsy shop and some of my original accessories for knitter and felters, as well as patterns and kits, plus some nice lampwork beads.

Phat Fiber is a nifty site for people interested in handmade items.

From their site…
Phat Fiber is a mystery box of awesome samples for the yarn and fiber enthusiast in us all. With a focus on the independant artisan, this box is a super grass-roots treat for the senses.

When your box arrives, chock full of samples, expect to be overwhelmed with the sight and feel of artful yarns, bits of roving, small batts, stitch markers, original patterns, valuable discount coupons and much much more.

Inside, you could find anything that yarn and fiber enthusiasts would love…even an herbal tea or two!

Phat Fiber seeks to bridge the gap between talented online artisans and consumers hungry to support the independent small business.”

If you get a chance, stop by their site… (My stuff is on their blog for Dec. 14, 2008.)

Part of their nice comments…
“Take a look at Lynne’s shop! She really has everything there! I am personally eyeing the sock blocks! No splinters or mildew from being wet like wood sometimes does! I think she even has some “blond moment” ones on clearance *grin* She has a fancy laser that she uses to cut out and engrave original designs! So, for all of you small business owners out there, get a hold of Seven Yaks and have them do some promotional gauges for you! She does wholesale her products- what a great opportunity!”

How nice. 🙂

I’ve also included a link on the left for easy access in the future.

Are you looking for a great gift for the felter in your life?
Want to give your significant other some hints on what they can give YOU?
Here are a few ideas available at

36 Gauge Felting Needles – Set of 3

Felting Needles Availabel at

Felting Needles Availabel at

These are size 36 triangle needles, and are often used for felting fine fibers, details and for needling fine pre-felts onto cloth backgrounds.

Each needle is 3 inches in length and will fit most felting needle holders (including Clover Brand Needle Holders)

Wet Felting Roller Bar

Roller for felting projects available at www.

Roller for felting projects available at www.

Use this handy roller to assist the leveling of wool for your wet felting projects. Great for scarves, table runners or making felted fabric.

Roller measures 18.75 x 3.5 inches with 1 layer of plastic 20 x 30 inches and a securing layer 12 x 30 inches for rolling your felting project

Wool Roving

Wool Roving available at

Wool Roving available at

You can custom design your own 8 selections of wool roving for a total of 4 ounces at the bulk price of $10.00. Use the current roving listings for your color choices and add the names of the colors to your message to me. Easy as pie!

This wool blend has a little merino for quicker felting and finishes smooth and firm. The carded and combed wool is ideal for spinning, felting, needle felting and other crafts.

Depending on the balance of your monitor the colors may be slightly different but every attempt was made to represent them accurately.

Each package contains 1/2 oz. of wool.

Gifts for Knitters.

Gifts for Jewelers.

Set of 5 Stitch Markers.

Set of 5 Stitch Markers.

Stitch markers will keep you from pulling your hair out.


One sanity saving use for stitch markers is to mark the end of a row in circular knitting. Sometimes it is hard to tell where the circle begins.

Or you use stitch markers where increases, decreases, or blocks of different stitches should be placed.

Without them you can go stark raving, hair pulling, “Where’s my shot gun” insane trying to keep track of your work. ( And a lot of us knit to prevent us from killing something.)

There a few outlets selling beautiful stitch markers and they are worth the investment considering the practical application and the life time of enjoyment you’ll get from them. Stitch markers can be fancy, charming, or funny. The design is only limited by your imagination.

I found a site that shows the basic method of making your own stitch markers.
Simple directions for learning how to make your own stitch markers, with an interesting twist at the end of the page. Just the info, they aren’t selling anything. How To…Click Here.

Don’t have time or equipment to make your own? Find a wide selection at We have other stuff too, but this link will take you straight to the stitch marker page.

For example:

Set of 4 Stitch Markers

Set of 4 Stitch Markers

Handmade stitch markers are a beautiful gift for knitters and easy to make if you have some beading skill.

Visit the whole store for knitting and jewelry supplies, plus some unique tools to make knitting easier that I made at the “lab.”

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I am so happy with my new window sign for my car.

Check it out. (I made it in one of the classes I take.)

Car window sign for my shop.

Car window sign for my shop.

Let me know what you think?

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