Create hats, bags, small baskets, hot-pads, wall art and more with this simple loom!

Loom - medium3

12″ Medium Size Loom

Made from durable yet lightweight acrylic, the loom is so easy to use, even beginners can be weaving in no time! If you have worked on larger looms, you know how much time and energy is devoted to dressing the loom. No need for that here! You will have the warp on in just minutes. The deeper grooves on this loom allow for a variety of yarn weights in the warp.

Loom - large3

Loom - large1

16″ Large Size Loom

The loom is perfect for using short lengths of yarn and left-overs from your stash. There are so many exciting possibilities for combing colors and textures with this weaving technique.

Loom - small2

7.5″ Small Size Loom

Get it for yourself or give this set as a gift to the crafts enthusiast you know!

The acrylic loom includes a PDF of easy-to-follow instructions along with knitting needle gauges in both US and metric needle sizes!

Loom - medium2

US & Metric Knitting Needle Gauges

7 Yaks Design has also created a very cool recycled vintage album loom!

Loom - album1

12″ Vintage Recycled Album Loom