Terrific time at Tri-Loom workshop.

I attended a tri-loom workshop at Magical Farms  taught by Roo Kline  and it was terrific!

First of all, I want to say how nice it is at Magical Farms, home of America’s largest and most varied huacaya herd.  The Forstners and staff are great hosts – knowledgable and helpful.

Cute Alpacas at Magical Farms

Here are a few of the 1500 cute Alpacas at Magical Farms

And of course, Roo Kline is always a fun and helpful instructor.  Visit her site when you get a chance.

Roo Kline

Roo Kline

The coolest thing about the tri-loom (also called the triangle loom) is one continuous piece of yarn is used for both the warp and weft.  This makes the weaving faster and easier than traditional weaving. (Really nice that I don’t have to do all that complicated loom set up and learn intricate weaving skills.)

I was using a fuzzy white alpaca fiber and let me tell you…. big mistake for me!  It was like trying to weave with sticky spider webs.

However, with just a little practice, you can make a beautiful shawl in just a couple of hours.

triangle loom

Tri-Loom and start of a project

Tri-Looms at Roo Kline seminar

Tri-Looms ready to go and waiting for us newbies

Weaving with fuzzy white Alpaca, aka sticky spider webs.

Fun weaving at the tri-loom seminar.

Fun weaving at the tri-loom seminar.

tri-loom set up

One strand of fiber is used for both the warp and weft. (note the sticky spider webs I was trying to work with.)

Magical Farms

This is Ty from Magical Farms showing us some of the new arrivals.

Lynne & Alpaca

Oh yeah, it was a fun day!