Nary a person in Cleveland remembers real spumoni because the family owned business that made the delectable dessert ceased business operations about 35 years ago.  But, I remember, and no other spumoni will do!

I’ve spent years trying to find someone, anyone who still serves real spumoni, only to be disappointed each and every time when they bring me a bowl of the mixed up, whipped up stuff of ice cream cartons.  Clearly, they just didn’t know there was a difference.  How sad.

I recently found 2 great links that offer the hope of making your own real spumoni, and as crazy as this might be, it is very near and dear to my heart.  Michelle, the Brown Eyed Baker, has wonderful recipes for making your own ice cream for the spumoni.  If that’s too much, then Brian, at The Sac Chef, has incorporated ready made ice creams, and remembered the all important whipped cream layer, of authentic spumoni!

It brings me one step closer to cherished memories of my Grandmother and I going downtown to have lunch at the New York Spaghetti House.  She mastered the Zen art of raising pasta with a fork, and compacting it neatly on a large spoon, with the stealth of a ninja.  I sat in complete awe of the ease and perfection of her ability.  I never inherited her dexterity, which suddenly leads me to the realization of why I failed at glass blowing, because it also requires the mastery of motor skills performed all at once too!

Mangia bene!

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