Ceramics class last year

I’ve had an idea for a knitting needle holder on the burner for awhile now.  It was one of those HOLY CRAP it’s so easy it’s stupid moments…and why hasn’t anyone else done it?!?  Well, no one else has done it because it turns out, it’s more involved than it first appears.

I have been consulting with some plastic engineers with more automated technology know-how than I have at the moment.  We’ve been going a couple rounds of this, that and another thing but in a few more weeks I will have that design wrapped up, along with more of an understanding of what’s possible – and you know what that means – creativity gone wild once I comprehend how I can further manipulate materials!

But in the meantime, I came up with this design!  It all started with the bases.  A non descript small pile of left-overs, with the protective paper still in place, at the local plastic manufacturing company where I up-cycle their scrap – Go Green 🙂

Acrylic base from the plastic company

I had no idea what to do with them a year ago when I made the purchase but it was just begging to be taken home.  Oh yeah, and crammed into my 2 car, completely un-usable garage, with the rest of the refugees.  Did I mention there are a few out there that I can’t find?  Ha, so it goes for the life of the artist!  For now, I will have 4 of these for sale in my Etsy shop, watch for more when they surface.

It’s a known fact that in the summer the best ideas occur on the patio with a little libation…

The deliberations began about the design concept:  How many needle sizes? How far apart?  What about a space in the middle for smaller needles and stuff?

And did I mention my secret addiction to CAD programs and perfection? – such a geek!  I don’t think I was a perfectionist at the start.  I believe it was an acquired neurosis born out of my metals major at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Having survived my thesis show, and the trial by fire that the experience was, taught me just how far I can push myself – and this girl can haul ass!  I think now I am some bizarre incarnation of Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) and pack rat artist.

There is an acrylic available that glows like neon when light is refracted through it.  It’s the perfect material for showing off patterns and I have developed 3 different designs for the needle holder.

I couldn’t find a good place to add the 7 Yaks name to my design, so now there’s a nice surprise on the very bottom of the base.  I’ve made a similar design available at Cafe Press with my new line of most awesome t-shirts!

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