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Example of Cindy Brown's Lampwork Beads

Example of Cindy Brown Beads

From CindyBeads

“Early in 1992 I saw my first lampwork beads while vacationing in Arizona. The world stood still when I realized they were made by hand….one at a time! Could it be that I could learn to do such a thing? Play with FIRE? After purchasing a few beads, I decided to give this amazing process a try so that I could individualize the jewelry I had just started making. Finding a teacher was my next order of business (not as simple in ’92 as it is these days!). To make a long story short, I ended up purchasing a torch, some glass and Lewis Wilson’s first video and just took off from there! I’ve been happily making “Cindybeads” ever since! While I still continue to make and sell a little jewelry, there is nothing like “melting” to fill my days with happiness!”

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