When you start knitting, you will eventually buy a “pretzel” shaped supply of yarn called a skein. (See the picture of one available at etsy below.) It isn’t in a nice ball like you see in all the cartoons and movies. It is twisted in this pretty pretzel-like shape and your next chore is to unravel it all without it getting into the mother of all knots.

It is easy when you learn a trick or two. Here are two videos from “Twenty Pound Tabby” that will help you out.

After you have watched the videos, take a look at some beautiful skeins available at the etsy online store. (And Yes, I’m selling them.)

Untwisting a Skein of Yarn

Winding a Ball from a Skein.

Here is a beautiful example of a blended skein of wool.

The description at the etsy site is…

A burst of color with yellow, purple and touches of green & blue.

I blended this yarn with a mix of 30 to 40 separately hand chosen fibers for color & texture. Then I coordinated the gauge, color and tied them together end to end. When knit, the yarns change from one to another in varying colors and textures. It’s all set for your next ‘one of a kind’ project. Just start knitting. There is enough yardage for one medium length scarf.

This skein is:
115 yards in length (approx.) and is a bulky knit yarn combination

So have fun with your new skein of yarn.

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