Have you ever shrunk your favorite socks? Did your special comfy hand knit socks get thrown into the dryer by mistake?

Save the day with some sock blockers! Just wet the socks, put them on the sock blocker and Alakazam! Good as new.

I just put up single sock blockers on my etsy site. They have a built in needle gauge and are made of acrylic so they won’t warp or splinter.

And here is a quick article on sock knitting tips. This is from Sock Knitting Tips by Peggy Adamik


“Socks are really easy to make. Socks are really hard. Socks are fun. Socks are a pain. Socks are great. Socks are too much trouble. If you’re a knitter who tends to agree more with the second statement than the first, but you’d still like to try making your own socks, here are a few tips to make the process easier.”