I have always loved the arts of all kinds. When I was young my Mom chose day care and summer camps that had my 2 loves: crafts and horses. I learned to ride when I was 3 years old (bought my own horses at 20) and began exploring more advanced fiber arts and enameling in the 4th & 5th grades.

Since then I have pursued a degree in metals & jewelry design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. I began dyeing fabric, wool and yarn for a minor in fiber.  I used the elements of those processes, and discovered techniques to apply them to metal, creating a unique style that I then had to opportunity to teach to others. For more of my background information, see my linkedin profile.

I am currently dabbling as an engineer wannabe using a laser cutter and other industrial equipment to make knitting tools and accessories. I am also focusing part of my creative energy on dyeing yarn and fiber for knitting as well as custom crafted colorways for skeins of yarn. In the future I will be adding custom dyed fabrics for quilting, new designs for quilting templates and sewing related crafts, custom colorways of wool batts and exotic fibers for spinning & felting. Be on the look-out!

I have an online shop at etsy.com with my designs for knitting & spinning tools and accessorires as well as one of a kind lamp worked beads. If you are looking for roving, wool blends, stitch markers, knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarns, and more please stop by.

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